Use your own "FROM" email address when sending campaigns.

We recently unlocked the ability for you to choose any "from" email address you would like when sending an email campaign. While this ability grants you additional freedom there is a caveat that you should be aware of. Without changes to your domain's DNS settings your email cannot be digitally signed or authenticated by Response Wise. 

We will continue to make the original from address available for your use if you would like to do so. Just type in "" and we will deliver your mail with all the authentication & digital signatures intact, just as we have for many years.

If you would like to use your own from email address, and are concerned about your mail being digitally authenticated, we are more than happy to assist in the creation and implementation of digital signatures that will authorize our mail servers as senders for your domain.

Visit and open a support ticket to request assistance or for more information on this recent change.

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